Pacific Surfacing

Jonathan and Twig Interactive designed and built a web-based scheduling infrastructure from the ground up. It initially appears to be just another calendar to track projects; this is anything but that.  Our entire company revolves around this highly customized scheduling application.

We had the need to connect multiple platforms local and in the cloud; Twig made it seamless. Seeing my vision from over 10 years ago come together in a just a few months was incredible. Jonathan spent countless hours learning how we processed information and what worked for us before we even got into the nuts and bolts.  This idea went from something we would reference to something we cannot live without.  

We made countless revisions during the project and Twig still met the timeline.  Not only did he attack the project with confidence; he kept a fantastic open vision that we needed to make the completed version even better than we could have imagined.  We had expected to constantly be checking up on a web developer to see at what stage we were at and begging for updates, but the process with Jonathan was the complete opposite.  Frequent and concise bullet point lists of questions, explanations and new ideas were in my inbox often before I woke up.

Twig never lost sight of what the vision was and continued to challenge us with new uses for what was being created.  If you are looking for a company to treat you fairly and care for project as if it was their own; look no further. The level of quality and professionalism is unrivaled in the industry.

No matter how advanced your vision is, give Twig a chance to exceed it.